EPIK app “Your yearbook pictures have been generated…” 90s yearbook overview

The EPIK app has recently released a feature that allows users to generate their own yearbook pictures. In a recent video transcript, the process of accessing and customizing these pictures was described.

To begin, users will receive a notification stating that their yearbook pictures have been generated. By tapping on this notification, users can view their pictures and explore the various options available. The images can be easily swiped through, giving users a preview of what their yearbook page may look like.

In addition to the pictures, there is also a yearbook video feature. This allows users to see their pictures in a video format, providing a dynamic representation of their yearbook page. Furthermore, the app allows for easy editing of the picture template, giving users the ability to personalize their yearbook page to their liking.

One notable feature of the EPIK app is the variety of styles available. Users have access to different types of yearbook templates, ranging from most athletic to most likely to succeed to most musical, and more. This ensures that users can find the style that best fits their personality and achievements.

Once users have customized their yearbook pictures and video, they have the option to save them. The app allows users to save all their photos at once by tapping the "save all" option located in the top right corner. Similarly, users can generate their yearbook video and save it to their camera roll by tapping the "save video" option. However, it's important to note that there have been occasional reports of issues with saving the video. In such cases, users may need to restart the app or wait for the saving process to complete properly.

In conclusion, the EPIK app offers an innovative way for users to create their own yearbook pictures and videos. With a wide range of styles to choose from, users can easily personalize their yearbook pages. While the app offers convenience and creativity, it's important for users to upload a variety of high-quality photos to ensure the best possible results. Despite occasional saving issues, the EPIK app provides a user-friendly platform for creating memorable yearbook pages.

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