Epic Standard is still sold out. I attempted to login to this app during non-peak hours when it shouldn't be overwhelmed by US users, but it was still sold out. I waited for a significant amount of time, but the option never appeared. This raises the question: is the standard option ever available? Or is this just some kind of deceptive ploy by the app?

It seems like the app is trying to lure users into consistently opening it every hour or so, hoping that the option becomes available. However, in my experience, it has never been accessible. Unfortunately, it appears that the standard option is consistently sold out. It's frustrating for users who are eager to try it out but are constantly met with disappointment.

On rare occasions, I have glimpsed the standard option briefly, for just a few seconds, before it becomes sold out again. It's possible that the app employs a random algorithm that makes the option momentarily available before swiftly making it unavailable once more. This erratic availability pattern only adds to the frustration.

In the end, due to the continuous unavailability of the standard option, I had no choice but to purchase the Express option. This begs the question of whether this is simply a manipulation tactic by the app to pressure users into paying more.

It is disappointing when apps use such tactics to upsell and create a sense of urgency among users. As consumers, we should be able to access the options we desire without feeling pressured into upgrading to a higher-priced plan.

Hopefully, the developers of the app will take note of these concerns and address the availability issue of the standard option. Transparency and fair pricing are essential for building trust and ensuring customer satisfaction in the tech industry.

In the meantime, users should be wary of falling prey to these tactics and consider alternative options if they find themselves consistently unable to access the standard option in the app.

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