EPIK Yearbook feature - is Standard option available? It is always shown as SOLD OUT

The EPIK Yearbook feature has gained popularity among users looking to create personalized yearbooks. However, there seems to be an issue with the availability of the Standard package option. Many users have reported that the Standard package is consistently shown as "SOLD OUT."

One user shared their experience in a video transcript, expressing frustration over the unavailability of the Standard package. They mentioned that whenever they tried to create the yearbook feature, the Standard package was always sold out. Comparatively, the Express package fluctuated in availability, sometimes blinking or flickering before eventually becoming available. The user opted to purchase the Express package, which granted access to photos within 30 minutes.

However, the user was disappointed as they were hoping to save some money by choosing the Standard option. Despite waiting for 10 minutes, the Standard package remained unavailable. Tapping on it yielded no results, leading the user to question if the Standard option ever becomes available at all. They wondered if the advertised $6 discount was perhaps a trick to entice users but not actually applicable.

The video transcript also mentions that waiting for the Standard package during weekends is particularly challenging, as it can take a considerable amount of time, even up to 30 minutes, with the app open and still not being able to access the option. The user suggested trying to open the app early in the morning or late at night during weekdays, when the traffic might be lower, as a potential workaround. However, they warned that even then, it is not guaranteed to be available.

This ongoing issue with the unavailability of the Standard package can be frustrating for users seeking an affordable option for creating their yearbooks. EPIK should address this concern promptly to ensure a smooth user experience and provide clarity on the availability of their packages.

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