Error claiming Worldcoin 4002 - in World app

When using the WorldCoin app, an error claiming WorldCoin 4002 has been reported by some users. This error seems to occur when trying to reserve a grant within the app. One user encountered this issue for the first time and took a screenshot to document it.

Upon attempting to reserve a grant, the user received a message stating "error claiming WorldCoin 4002". The user is perplexed as to the meaning of this error message, as it has never occurred before. The app simply displayed a message saying "reservation failed".

In an attempt to resolve the issue, the user decided to restart the app and try again. It is worth noting that the previous grant reservations made by the user were successful. As the app was restarted, the user noticed that the grant from the 14th of August had already been reserved, and the next available grant would be on the 28th.

This raises questions as to why the app is sending incorrect notifications or showing notifications for grants the user wants to reserve. It appears that there may be a bug or some sort of technical issue within the app causing these discrepancies.

In conclusion, some WorldCoin app users have encountered an error claiming WorldCoin 4002 when attempting to reserve grants. This issue seems to be sporadic and possibly related to a bug within the app. It is recommended that affected users reach out to WorldCoin support for further assistance in resolving this matter.

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