ETH2 Staking - sign up for waitlist on Coinbase app

okay so ethereum 2 is coming soon somewhere in 2022 and you can join the ethereum choose taking wait list and yeah you can just join the list and what it means ethereum to stacking it means if you just buy a lot of ethereum 2 and just hold on to it yeah you will be earning a lot of like interest so it you can earn as much as five percent interest depending on the type of the asset being staked so to join the white list um so yeah you can just five join five percent appreciation and here uh you can just see all of that so there you have it who is eligible to stake on coinbase you must have your identity verified is a valid thing on file and reciting requires taking is allowed staking lets you earn income with your crypto by contributing to the proof proof-of-stake network of a particular asset when you stack your crypto you make the underlying blockchain of that asset more secure and more efficient and in exchange you get rewarded with more assets from the network so there you have it so that's how you can stay crypt on coinbase

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