hello everyone so here is its eater scan token approval checker uh so you can just go to that uh url and here you can just search by address uh or enc review invoke your token approvals for any dap for more information check out our knowledge base article so i don't know i can just enter some ens address and then i can just see all the [Music] token approvals and then i can just try um to connect the address owner's wallet to revoke approval so then i can just do that and try to revoke that approval um so yep here is something it says 0 13 at risk and then you can see all the different blockchains um [Music] so that's basically a preview so then you can just kind of connect to web3 and then just connect your metamask

Ezoic Access Now Levels Step by Ste...
Ezoic Access Now Levels Step by Step Guide Process After Approval
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