Even app - how to login with your employer?

what is even app it says it's your pay your way so this is a finance app where you can easily get paid early and you can request up to 50 percent of your next paycheck early and you can receive funds in seconds um yeah so yeah uh this the thing is is that this app is only working with selected employers so it's not like that you can use this app for paychecks use every company in us just only selecting employers so when you're creating your account you you need to add like a select employer and check out the Q if you find can find it in database if you just can't find this employer probably yeah you won't be able to use the app but then for example if you work in this company you need to verify your work at this company just you need to enter your employee ID your last four digits of SSN date of birth and home zip code and then you can always just go to to account your earn is available to you if you work for an employee who offers even as a benefit to get started just select your employer from the list after that you will be prompted to sign in securely by entering your personal information please note that the time it takes to verify information can vary by employer it may take seconds but it can take 48 hours you can always chat with advisor and reach out to support if your employer is not listed with an option then uh you don't have ability to use this app at the moment so if you already have your account you can just basically sign in and if there are any technical issues you can just reach out to support so yeah this app is given as a benefit as like a employer benefits if you work in the company and you can get like you know early pay for 50 of your funds and then you can just get some nice interest rates also if you want to save and just manage your money um so yeah and it says like for example for Walmart employees uh uh yeah you can you can use fact yeah in some places if you have that and then we see when you can take control of your paycheck and decide when you want to get paid with the instapile feature up to have to your project can be transformed within a day to your bank account also if you're a Walmart associate you get the InStep feature for free I also have found the savings feature useful as you can set aside multiple saving goals really useful and I must download if you work for example at Walmart um yeah because they they include insta Pi feature for example so yeah that's the idea hope it is helpful and thanks for watching

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