EXODUS CRYPTO WALLET - full overview

so let's explore how to install exodus crypto bitcoin wallet so let's just tap get here and then uh yeah we will be able to install this wallet here so that's a crypto bitcoin wallet app um i think this is one of the popular wallets i think it's in the it's not like the top of the top wallets like you know metamask coinbase wallet or rainbow wallet but still it's quite popular and you can see it's in the top charts in finance category in u.s so still i think it's growing in popularity so you can either import the wallet or get started [Music] so you can receive crypto or all these standard features and that's it that's basically you just created a wallet so i just tap two times on the screen and there you have it so that's actually super insanely fast and super easy uh so like if i want to send if i want to receive scroll down exchange crypto and then i want to receive bitcoin and this is my bitcoin address um so that's what i can do here uh if i want to add more like if i want to add like avalanche for example can i do that uh so polygon i can see the price the all of that yeah so that's how it works and then you can just select so for example polygon i want to send and i can just do it from here or i can receive receiving is on the right sanding is on the left and then i just start to continue and there you have it that's my matic address and then i can just copy it so there you have it so when i was created this wallet as you have seen i there wasn't any recovery phrase nothing i just instantly logged in on this screen uh so that's that both plus and minus like obviously it is positive because uh uh you yeah you instantly can create a wallet uh and then you just can uh yeah just move funds and do exchanges around [Music] but also maybe it's not that secure also here is the exchange and then in the third tab you can also add assets your profile security settings so maybe you can also still create an account sync devices or you can delete wallet or restore wallet then you can also contact the support here and then you can see the assets uh then you can see security and then you can see lightning transactions are super fast and then you can accept that so lightning means that's like super fast then there are nfts nft marketplace here attached as well and then there are shares so does public interest you've gone public create an investor profile so you can also invest in exodus wallet here and then there is ftk exchange you can now use ft exchange here as well so these are like the main features of the exodus wallet hope it is helpful yeah so that is an overview and hope it is helpful thank you for watching

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