EZ Lens - how to use the app?

so here's a z lens app translate and cartoon so let's just tap to get it and then let's just use touch id of race id to install it um so yeah this is like a super app for camera identification so you can just point it to some objects and then you can identify what that is so for example you can identify that this is like some kind of a dog or celebrity recognition you can identify any object or predict countries translate documents to unify so you can generate all these cartoons translate text in images export them to pdf identify plants and animals by taking photos of them explore what's around so search what you see here and and that should be [Music] that so something like that basically yeah so interesting app let's just wait a bit and then i will just try to open it up you can add the track and then uh yeah there is a free trial three days free then 14.99 weekly and then that's what you you can just try that out or maybe you can just tap not now and then yeah you can still have some uh free options so i don't know if for example this is a chair okay and then it still asks me to upgrade and then yeah it just stays like that so unfortunately a lot of these apps are like they're really pushing you to upgrade and now i can't only if i tap the button so yeah but i just want to try a free version first to understand if this app is working and like to do i really need it and stuff like that so something like that uh so then i need to skip video this my legs and then i was just trying to do like object recognition so for example here is some power bank okay so object recognition only works with a with a pad account so that's what it is i made this song yeah then there is translation text translation then there is cerebrity prediction country prediction uh and then uh yeah you still need to upgrade but anyhow you understand these features 14.99 weekly is pretty expensive it's like what be like 60 dollars per month um so yeah it's not cheap but it can be pretty fun if you try to to play it with friends and all of that so yeah that's day i made this song on my phone in two minutes check it out this stuff for sure and see in the next videos

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