Ezoic - website approved in AdSense but not Ezoic - sharing experience

hello everyone just want to share my experience with zoe i think it's a nice ad network to try to one of the wise to try to monetize your monetize your website content and i just have like a small issue so basically uh your website is approved by adsense so it's like since it's adhering to all of google policies and all of that but still if you try to do some setup with soi your ad manager dorman status is not approved in a zodiac and it kind of yeah so that's basically the issue i thought it is it is the same thing but i don't know if it is like if your website can serve adsense ads shouldn't be also be approved by also a zoic ad manager domain status so that's that's my issue like do you have any experience in that if you do please leave some comments or you know some just reflections under this youtube video so i can just take a look at your opinion and that hope that is helpful

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