FAB - Messages from your star - APP OVERVIEW

fab app it's recently run in top charts in the app store but it just had like two reviews or something like that i think this is this either chinese or some like japanese or some aegean app but the idea is like super cool basically you can get messaged by some of the either some major influencers or some incredible stars so here at this moment you can just see these profiles which are probably like popular in that part of the world i don't know who is this but i mean this is the concept that you can just subscribe to some like star profiles maybe then you will just get access yeah so you can subscribe you can unsubscribe so that's part is understandable but then also here you can just see all of the recent photos and yeah and then recent activity and of course the whole point of the app is someone of these stars can kind of message you i don't know like if these are the real messages or how that works but basically yeah so you can just then receive messages from these people and then it will say either you have messages new messages this is your page you can edit your notification you can reach out to help to support you can change your name and your birthday also in case you can delete your account or request verification basically also here when you want to request verification you can become an influencer or start here as well so you can always reach out to support at myfab.tv and then you can just become like a stars and applications and you know submit required documentations which probably will prove your status or something like that so that's the idea of the app i think it's pretty neat but i think it just needs the like the proper translations and all of that but yeah it's just interesting that it entered the top charts uh once you enroll you will instantly give you 100 points a new way of connecting with your favorite star it will also to your star on the fab messages that make your hearts keep a beat check all message from your favorite star collect your message at once so there you have it um yep so there's just two reviews but yeah it's as you can see it's in the top charts right now in social networking so there you have it uh super interesting idea uh maybe maybe yeah so go there try out this app um yeah it can be interesting

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