so to generate an image uh in face dance apps or to generate a gif just first of all you need to select what you want to generate there are a bunch of songs there are trending the restranding category of course there are like some stupid memes there are new arrivals there are specific songs which you like i'm not sure if you can upload a song here probably not uh and then you just have it's uh that do what do it is that's what you can do with your friends and there are some viral clips anyhow all these categories and then you can just tap on search tab and in search tab you have a separate category and that's basically that and then for example you want to generate the c shanti so then you just select a photo you can take photo from camera or you can give access to your camera also here is some photo which you can take so here it is and then you can just tap add to gallery and then make it dance then here you can just watch an ad yeah unfortunately if you if you select any front you will need uh you will need to watch an ad sometimes and as you can see ads here are pretty pretty long ones so there you have it like this and now you can see that face does just generate an image you can see if you're happy or not with the result you can disable sound or anything then if you want you can just save and share and then you can see also some other suggestions so i did it without like an upgrading without paying additional money or anything so but yeah i just waited a lot for an ad so if you're if you're okay with biting it it will it's it's fine but yeah then after that you will need to upgrade so yeah there you have it uh hope this was helpful and yeah then you can just add some duets you can add some other uh people and make some do-its with them uh hope this is helpful

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