FACE DANCE Photo Animator app FULL OVERVIEW & how to use

here is face dance app photo animator app so let's just install it on iphone and i will show you how it works this app is growing in the charts and basically the idea of it is that you can just take a selfie and make it dance animate faces and old photos with hundreds of animations to choose from try face dance today for free don't limit your selfie selfies here's how to level up the fun of his finest dance so say your baby's first words make your boss dance to hilarious song let your butt speak up make your boyfriend seen a love song so that's that's basically that and then you can just tap open and there you have it that's uh that's the face dance app and then uh tap let's start and then you just need to choose a face from so you just plot photo from camera so for example i just have camera you can also just change the direction of the camera you can enable flashlight if you want so there are a bunch of tips like how to improve that and then you can just let's see how you can do that now you need to import file so it just takes some time maybe it just depends like how old your phone or anything like this okay so seems you need to tap like add to gallery you might just being upload that your face dance is being created uh there were a bunch of apps like this in this category one of the most popular ones was wombo dot ai uh so that that but then um yeah there also were a bunch of other apps and i think now face dance is one of the top apps is in this category but now you need to wait i don't know how long this fight is so you can see now the idea that now basically my photo is kind of animated and i can see if i and then uh yeah here you have all the different different templates uh all the different songs all the viral sounds uh sounds duets viral clips all the reactions so i don't know for example if i want to select this cct and then i just like make it dance and then i just need to watch an ad uh so yeah unfortunately you need to watch an ad for some period yes yeah this is like a um and then you can see some rewards and then uh yeah so that's basically it so now you just created a new face dance you can see how it looks like then you can just also add some result and of course you can have some you can add some second face like all these celebrities you can add some photos you can see some recommended and then automatically you have all these things generated for you uh yeah you can disable sound in top right but yeah this pretty cool technology where your face is just being animated it and it works pretty nice so and then basically you can also just save it you can get access to photos you can also then just share it like that so that's basically the idea [Music] so yeah that's what you can do here in the app it looks pretty cool right allow notifications if you want there are all these trendy songs there are also spiral sounds there are all these duets viral clips kids uh nostalgia so all of that and then trending you have all this trending stuff you can see some stupid templates there is files gallery there is dance history share the app you can reach out to support try pro for free so you can also try there is like a free trial of the face dance pro app it's 45 krona uh per week and then there is three days free trial or 249 chrono lifetime so that's uh you also you can choose that then you can just search in different categories but yeah this is just for the price in danish chrono yeah it's because i'm in danish app store right now and yeah here again it just nicely organized all these categories just in a different way it's maybe it's easier for you to search but basically this is the app this is like it's going viral on tick tock [Music] and then here you can make it with a friend so you can add additional photo so you can add photo uh from the photos or from the camera so you can just take take a photo from uh yeah take a photo of your friend and then just make it do it so that's pretty cool and that you can actually do it like with your friends and it's just adds more fun to it you can really have fun with your friends in the party or try this like with your friends face and then send him it can be really fun but of course like you don't just use it carefully uh yeah no boolean and stuff like that and so yeah but this cool app i think it's going viral on tick tock uh however as you can see these ads are getting pretty annoying of course and the i think every next ad is just getting longer and longer they just really push you to to upgrade and yeah if you're using this app a lot with friends or yourself you will need to do it because yeah [Music] that's that's what it is [Music] yeah okay so now you have like a do it so that's basically how it works and then you automatically there is a generation like a list of all available to it in the app uh so yeah that's basically what it is uh hope this is helpful and yeah thank you for watching hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial it's a nice app try it out as you can see you still can do a lot of stuff for free but then if you're using this app a lot you will need to upgrade because the ads are just too long so please like this video if it was helpful so more people can see it it's important for youtube algorithm but just please like it and check out my tick tock and check out my blog

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