Facebook app supports Lock Screen widgets for iOS16

so new facebook app update already includes support to ios 16 lock screen widgets so lock screen widget is the core feature of new ios 16 update on on apple because basically when you lock your screen you can you can add some apps which even on the lock screen will be displaying like live data and live updates and you don't even need to uh yeah to open your app or to unlock your screen you instantly can see what's happening of course you can customize privacy and all of that and who can see what and all of that but uh yeah if you just go to com you can see all the new updates regarding ios 16 and this is the core feature of the imagined lock screen showcase favorite photos customize font styles and display a set of features to get information at a glance so videos on the log screen let you quickly glance at data like buzzer calendar wednesday time zones alarms battery level you can create multiple lock screens okay notifications this is not something new uh so yeah it's just uh that's the lock screen widgets that's an important feature you can definitely try it out already on facebook and there are a bunch of other apps which doing that

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