FACELAB - Face Editor & Beauty - FULL APP OVERVIEW

hello there so um here's face lab app face editor and beauty photo touch up smooth skin app um yeah it's it's quite large up to 130 megabytes but it has 35 000 plus ratings 4.5 are the five average rating so here you can see just all of them bring your best so you can just take a selfie and really retouch your selfie add little flow you know you add a little filter whiten your teeth make a bit better looking skin you know sharpen the image change hair color choose different types of backgrounds you can retouch like reshape and different contours of the image of your face and all of that so yeah uh kind of interesting app especially you know in the situations where you just need like a cool perfect photo somewhere not like uh you know that some real photo but just using some avatar at work or some on the website just you you know just you know nice looking photo you don't really have one you don't have time or budget like you know to hire some professional photographers and all of that so what you can do you can just uh yeah just use this app and retouch uh yeah retouch your photos pictures a bit and all of that yes the reviews are overall like quite positive 4.5 out of 5. some people say that maybe this uh this app is a bit provocative or someone like that you need to dictate this perfect look as on instagram like you know you need to look perfectly or something like that and that's just not natural and that's not nice here developers say that face lab by no means dictates how one should look we are absolutely sure that there is no need to be too hard on yourself it's all about not being afraid to be yourself is not solved out self-love every person is beautiful in their own way and we totally support the idea being different or imperfect should not lead to not acceptance in any way and so it's good to read this review it's good that there is this discussion yeah because you shouldn't be uh try to be affected by this this is just like a fun app and yeah if i use this app sometimes of course sometimes it can feel you just can design perfect picture of yourself and then you can just start asking questions like why i can't create like you know this ideal picture without the app but hey just don't yeah it's it's what it is it's just an app yep so let's just go through it and then this app just wants to access my camera so for example like this yeah it's a bit heavy app um i don't know it's not loading so let's just try again of course you can subscribe 50 plus beauty tools 100 plus editing features 150 plus filters and then for example i have selfie and then here is the photo and then i can just use maybe some automatic like outer tool should just automatically apply all the filters so just in case you need like you know some perfect ai apps like this one and then just press the button and it will uh you know do all the magic for you okay so this is a bit too much so then i can just go back don't really like the outcome so here i then go through the each categories and then for example i can set up i don't think that nothing is changing okay so now here i can just change it out like you know like that then i can go through the eyes i can go through the nose but then to do that you need like a seven day free trial or something so some features require you to have a tryout so smooth i can just moves up i can of course whiten these i can do a background so for example so it automatically cuts out the background so that's pretty interesting and then you can just do something like that okay let's do this and then you can add some textures filters you can retouch whiten tees so anything just basically you can play around with this app a lot and you can just discard so many features uh with the app and try to make it super fun experience and then you can just save it so let's see and then if i just save it i can save in the in my photos but of course it will be this watermark and then you can see the symbol that it was just saved then i can just share this photo and i can also select the resolution here so you can see all high mid and low resolutions and that's basically it um so there you have it that's basically how it looks like um yeah i just gave access to my selfies album and i can see all the selfies and all of that um and there you have it you can always upgrade to face lab plus uh three day free trials and 35.99 per year so here you can see you can have auto makeup full effect and beauty library custom backgrounds no ads and watermarks if you want these features you will need to subscribe to plus but as you have seen there i had a pop-up where you could just buy a smaller even amount and then just get lifetime access so you can do that um of the top apps in this category so definitely interesting and you don't you can not only just use photos from your camera well of course you can i think you can just take photos right in the app so yeah this is this is an overview hope it is helpful for you hope you enjoy it and yeah thank you a lot for watching this video subscribe like this video and see you in the next videos hopefully you

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