Fake Messages Pro app - what is the MESSAGE LIMIT? How to UPGRADE?

here is fake messenger pro app it's interesting app which you can use you know just to prank your friends not don't use it for some other like you know dangerous stuff but basically here's an overview and you can upgrade remove ads and local features unlimited groups unlimited fake message unlimited future updates so then you can just purchase that and that's like 1.99 time price because yeah basically here if you want to add more than two messages more than one message you need to upgrade so i don't know why it it's been there um but that's basically it but that's the idea um so yeah uh there you have it so you can upgrade i don't know like why they introduce this better just after one message so you can create a lot of groups okay only two groups or only two messages basically but then you need to upgrade so yeah so to send more than two messages you need to upgrade but on the other hand is one time purchase so hopefully you will have lifetime access so hope that is helpful

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