Fake Posts Creator - app overview

here's the interesting app which went viral on Twitter and this app is called fake post creator um it's an entertainment tool to prank your friends so it's just great fun effect process the Facebook design and no one will notice so no login is required it will not connect your Facebook account it will not post your Facebook it only creates an image that you can share with your friends you can choose the post content image likes or actions comments and diet share it with your friends choose a language of the app and of the post from the settings of the app it saves an image of your post to your photo library camera roll but yeah again it's it's not connected to your Facebook it's probably for entertainment purposes uh yes just yeah it's this app is actually trolling Facebook uh yeah if you want to show off um or you know to show some perfect picture or some like uh uh yeah some funny posts so interesting app uh 2.5 K rating so it's pretty a lot of ratings uh yeah it's it's pretty nice idea uh yeah app has very small size built by a solo developer so definitely interesting app and yeah it was here for a while but probably it's just went viral on Twitter or Tick Tock or something like that and then usually these apps uh spike in the yeah in the popularity so here there is instant pop-up to upgrade to premium what this says add custom reactions you're a post chance the date bring your post to the past or the future add comments to the post add a photo to the Post um so uh yeah so new post and then post author I can just add some like kind of fake name post content uh something like that um and then if you want to add image to pick an image you will need to upgrade unfortunately then reactions uh you then you can just add directions uh you can now uh add date text comments and then you can just add some comments and then you can again to add a comment there you have it anyhow uh yeah so there you have it and now you can just save this post and uh save it to friends so I'm like this post will call like 100 000 likes and then you have this and then you can also change add your profile picture so here for example I have this and then I have selfie like I can just use my selfie here just as my Facebook yeah and then you can just share it like with your friends so then you can just save it to your friends uh yeah pretty cool just to have fun and just to entertain your friends but yeah as you can see it's not connected to my Facebook account again it's not real I really don't suggest you to to fake it or something like that it's just for fun just to uh enjoy the time with your friends to prank your friends so that's that yeah that's basically the idea uh hope you like it and yeah thank you for watching this video

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