Falou - fast language learning - full overview & how to use

here's an interesting app called fallu Fast language learning uh probably heard about Duolingo and some other apps like bubble as I remember so there are those are like top of the charts apps but some people just always looking for Alternatives and maybe some languages are great to learn on specific apps other apps have better vocabulary for other apps allergies and it's like so on so yeah this app seems to get better and better have 47 000 writing here you see it like this that's the app available and let's just open it up I'm just curious to see how it's different from Duolingo or similar apps and then yeah here you have your account so then you can just skip it [Music] and then from here foreign I want to learn which language I want to learn so for example I want to learn Danish so let's go Denmark so and then yeah uh so here you can see it and set some goals and what's your daily call for practicing how did you discard follow um yeah it was just I don't know just uh found on the App Store how old are you and then here then you have just this app available and then you can just type continuous Apple ID and or Google and just easily create your account just take some time and there you have it your journey starts here at tap to start first course um so then you can see like good evening and then you have video speaking video writing video challenge and then yeah you can just start with this tag task and then yeah you can just see some video um and then yeah it seems like to get access to specific challenges you still will need to upgrade 89.99 per year your gift 50 off if you have then you just have like 45 per year and then you just need to have some conversation practice uh Taco movie Haddon so something like that yeah man how about in the person or us and God communicator uh so yeah you can see some some things available here yeah and my are biting a person or and go in yeah so something like that and then you can just see like examples so it's like actually a pretty neat app I need to say uh and yeah until I pass it so yeah yeah in my heart button person or us and call communicator so yeah then you can just listen how how it should be in in the ideal situation and then that's basically the idea so yeah something like that and so you've got the idea how you can actually practice speaking so in Danish for example it's pretty hard to figure out speaking so this can definitely help you out um then you also have listening which you can uh listen out some uh listen out some things and then you can just learn some words uh here uh then you can just see your progress uh with Danish and then you can just see like the courses and all of that so yeah uh that's basically the idea uh of the app here you can just review and have some cards and that's basically the idea of it um so yeah speak 26 languages with confidence would you like to use a language course and become a world-class polyglot and then yeah you can just try to use all courses free uh for one language is premium you can you can have uh 26 languages included and you can also get like the same courses skip levels and lessons flash cards all customize your lesson no as no interruptions so you can get all of these additional things that you can just continue our 12 months for 89.99 people want to send 50 per month that's if you just pay annually or one month 29.99 so yeah uh that's basically the idea it's pretty interesting app and I need to say it's like feels the experience feels pretty cool it's kind of alternative to Duolingo definitely of course you can say it's like ah it's like 90 dollars but if you just compare that to go into like private teachers it's like the price you can pay per one hour not per like per year study so it's pretty powerful app and not it's not that expensive if you really need to to learn to learn this language for a job or for your like interviews for speaking with family and friends and if you feel more comfortable in the country or just for travel so definitely collab try it out hope this quick overview just help you out a bit and then you just can have better understanding how this app is easy to use and stuff like that please put a like uh you can also subscribe and you can also just become a member to support my channel and so I can produce more videos like this

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