FAM - add me on snap - app overview & how to use

let's do a quick overview of this app which is called fam add me on Snap um you are yeah it's a social discovery app to make new friends using personalized AI matching you are guaranteed to make new friends by some similarity to the real you you create a personalized world where everyone's feared in the same way you are meeting friends based on personality chemistry and mutual interest so I always have something to talk about just be authentic self find new friends to hang out with and yeah so that's basically the idea of the app and uh there are a bunch of apps like that all the time on social networking category uh you can always find them just like people matching with each other random video chats random audio chats and all of that here is yeah it's just the main focus it's kind of like Tinder so you you add your Snapchat username and you try to match with other people and that's basically how it is working um um so yeah let's just Discover it just beat this kind of apps because sometimes they're a bit scammy and all of that so you create your account with Snapchat you can log in with your Snapchat then you can just connect your bitmoji after that you add your profile pictures you can view your profiles like that and then you need to add your socials you need to add your Snapchat username so you will be able to share it you can add some bio some relationship status um um some looking for who are you looking for uh so your ethnicity and all that if in case you're also not happy with the app you or you want to delete your account you can also do it here so that's that and then basically you just swipe in you just select uh who you want to hang out with uh there are a bunch of people and then for that you need this fire icon uh so here you can earn some fire icons just by logging into the app uh so that's basically that you can get snaps or yeah so that's basically the idea then there is filter there is like age range which you can filter out who you want to meet as gender distance so also basically when you create an account in this app you need to give permissions to receive notifications you need to gear permission for your location socials uh star sign like all of that and then you can just set filters uh and then you can just hang out there are still not that many people in this app this app is mostly you ask only and it's yeah so as you can see that's basically yeah that's what it is and then you can just tap to send fire and then you can just share social so meaning then after that these people will be here in the like section and um you'll be able to exchange it this time via Snapchat chatting or like Instagram or something like that then also you have invites in white steps I confirm the left and then you have from Team where you can invite friends and stuff like that so that's basically the idea so yeah that's the app in a nutshell that's how it works it's one of those apps like you know where you can just randomly chat and meet people there aren't that many users so if you're outside if you ask I'm not sure if you can use it properly even in us there aren't that many users but who knows if you're tired of Tinder and you also like Snapchatting that's the app probably you should give a try um so yeah the average writing seems to be pretty okay if it was like complete scam or something like that I think uh it would be much worse it's a good app to find friends good app you're in so I don't know like still I would really recommend you to be careful just use it carefully all these helps the entering the top charts for a few days and they can just go down and some of these apps are using Bots or some other malicious Technologies quite often because people want to match and other so just be careful but otherwise try out

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