Fam - add me on Snap - how to create an account?

hello so here is this app fam add me on snap so let's just install it and um let's see how it works so this app is growing in charts and social networking category it's a social discovery app to make new friends using personalized ai matching you are guaranteed to make new friends by some similarized similarity to the real you you create a personalized world where everyone's appeared in the same way you are meet new friends based on personality chemistry and mutual interest so you always have something to talk about find new friends to find out who his friendship is going to be to the next level and yeah so here you can just see what are the options to make new friends and then you can just sign up with snap or sign off his phone so you can just create your account with snapchat so then you can just open snapchat and then from here you can just continue and then continue and add your account here and then you need just also to add your phone number i'm not sure that it's possible to add just a us phone number or maybe also some other number and then probably you'll receive verification code and that's it

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