hello heroes formula app it's an interesting app which helps you to find location of your loved ones or friends and family so you can just open this app uh yeah then you need to get access to location to see where your friends located so then the idea is that you have the group of people you want to know the location of and then you just can enter the phone number of people you want to track and then just drag them so for example here is a group you can just add a member and then they can just use this code you can send a code to them you can just leave group here and then yeah just the idea is that in this app you can just see the location uh of all the people in the in in your area how they're moving around and all of that so i mean there are people in your group so that's super handy this app is kind of similar to live 360 which is very popular like app in the top chart but this is nice alternative and then you can see all the activities in your group like which person arrived to each place four minutes ago or like you can add this is my home this is the work this is the kindergarten or this is the school stuff like that and then you can just see who is arriving where and who is moving there so it can be super helpful like to try kids where they are going and what they are doing and all of that um so yeah that's basically and then my location or places only or you can allow uh to to always track your location for members of this group or you can uh see that uh members of your group can never check my location so that's that and then there are different places then there are chats and then there are maps so that's the idea so hope that is helpful if you're unhappy you can just go and delete your account here in the bottom hope that is helpful

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