Familo - Find my phone - how to create account & use the app?

hello here is the app which is called formula find my phone locator so just tap get let's install this app and see how it works and you can see the size 61 megabytes sty stay updated where family and friends are after notifications when your family and friends have arrived safely create individual groups for all important people in your life locate your group members with one touch secure group messenger family gps locator lets you stay connected with the people who matter most familiar is the find my phone app so there are only 300 ratings but the average rating e4 out of five um so yeah let's just explore the app and then yeah you can unlock all access for 5.99 per week which includes unlimited prices unlimited live location endless timeline no and then yeah so to create an account just then you should get a six digit code then you just enter your name and then that's basically the process of okay so you need to to add your birthday and there you have it so now you created an account you can have groups you can locate your load ones you can just add them you can add places groups there is chat there is map there is notification so then there is your profile so yep

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