Fancy Themes app - how to upgrade?

so how to upgrade in fancy themes app so you just need to tap on any premium team where it doesn't say free in the top left and then you can get all the teams hundreds of personalized themes thousand plus widgets icons and wallpapers and then you can just get it for three days for free and then 6.99 per week so that's basically the idea of it so basically if you have a team here you can see there's a free theme and this one is premium because it doesn't have like a free patch in the top left and then you can just type easy install and then you can go to any like widget and tap install and then you can see that get all teams uh you need to upgrade it's not cheap as you can see it's almost seven dollars per week so it's almost like 30 dollars per month that's a lot but if personalization matters for you on your phone and you want really to make your phone stand out and be unique um that's probably worth it anyhow that's what you can do hope this helpful

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