FANCY THEMES app - icons & widgets - super quick tutorial

here's a quick tutorial of fancy themes app it's one of the top apps to customize your phone to make it more personal and here you can do three things you can install custom wallpapers you can change your icons and you can create custom widgets and if you just want to start out with this app uh yeah I just recommend you to start with themes so this is the first tab just go to the theme and here you have everything combined so you have related wallpaper you have widgets and icons which you can install here so yeah that's basically for example that's what your home screen might look like if you install all of these wallpapers icons and widgets so you can just use that or you can use something like this black tone or anything like it but the thing is uh um yeah some of these things just required by subscription so here you you have a some menu but then you will need to upgrade so yeah otherwise you can just go to to each specific menu like if if you just want some widget you can just go and install a widget here so then you can just set widget and yeah some of the those are premium so you need to uh either like you know either upgrade or watch your video um so something like that so then you can just set up icons and there is three icons there are paid once if you want to install these icons then you can just follow easy install uh and then you will basically download all these icon images to your photos and then yeah you will just work uh with this uh with the app and just follow the prompts it's super easy to install however you won't be able to install this icon for all the apps and then you just have all papers you can also install and find some interesting wallpapers there are some really cool ones which you can try out and there are some minimalists there are dark keeper cyberpunk so there you have it uh kind of cool app it's one of the top ones so then if you if you want to uh to upgrade then you will need to uh just tap on the some premium icon and then just type continue and then zero through the free trial and then there's the 6.99 per week

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