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hey everyone so here is trenton app which is called fancy themes icons and widgets uh yeah it's pretty large app so it's like 160 megabytes um this app allows you to install icons and widgets to your phone and customize your home screen as never before choose your favorite widgets by simply swiping on our app fancy themes icons widgets home page include wallpaper clocks you can customize your home screen you can arrange this dynamic set of features appear on your home screen according to the rules you define you can design your personality widgets the widget box itself also includes various tools these tools can be automatically launched based on the active widget that is activated yeah then you can just add some interesting features and there are also some subscription terms so you can just also have like a [Music] weekly payment subscription option um so all of that i i think like yeah maybe this app is like a yeah maybe it's from china or japan but a lot of people like it and yeah after is 13 you have this a possibility to really customize your iphones and a lot of people are just really getting bored with their phones and uh all of that so yeah let's just open it up to see like what other possibilities here so here is the the app so it's called fancy themes uh so it wants to track my activity like as you want you can check these settings as you like and basically yeah um so there are ads i don't know if you okay to disable these ads of course i think there is like a subscription get all content hundreds of seams tries three days for presents 6.99 per week and then here is basically the theme so that's cool that you can select also the whole like wallpaper apps everything is adjusted everything is in one style which you can just try it out here like for example if i just use this okay i will see the ad again and then uh yeah i can just close this ad and then i can just tap the screen so here i can just preview how my screen will look like so instead of like you know boring iphone screen i'll just see this which can be super refreshing and there are not only apps there are all these kind of widgets you can add lock it widget noted widget um [Music] and all these designs are really adjusted and it's like really fun and all of that so yeah definitely interesting app um yeah so uh super interesting and you can tap easy install and basically then you can just see how all your apps will be changed all of the icons how they will be changed and there are three types of like icons then there are widgets which you can change here and then there is wallpaper so this is also can be changed here so that's that and yeah you can see all the available apps i have much more apps but of course not all the apps are available and then you can just search for the specific apps here then there are all the different wallpapers that if you want to upgrade you can just unlock hola [Music] so something like that i can just close it yeah so that's the idea there is also help manual but i won't be doing that because it will just mess up the whole phone but yeah that's basically the idea and then you also have these additional widgets which you can just browse through the old categories of the features like function size medium then there are just a specific tab for the icons you can if you don't want to change your wallpaper or if you don't want to touch your widgets you can just go through here and just change your icons themselves and then there are wallpapers which you can take a look there are different types of wallpapers which you can check out under your widget collection you can reach out you can contact so if you want to contact you can always just write your question here and there are like four categories of questions which you can ask is either like icon wallpaper widget so you can do that and then just ask these questions here so that's basically the idea oops so something like that so as you can see that's pretty interesting so yeah that's the app uh actually quite cool right and uh yeah i think it's one of the top apps in terms of like features icons and wallpapers collections which is available right now but every month or so like there is a new trending app in this space just after ios 13 um yeah you can you can see a lot of these apps and then there is like do it yourself area you can do yourself quote you can just you know set some quote which will just appear as a widget i don't know if you can actually design your own widgets or your own icons and all of that yeah so um it's good that also they have the help manual but again i'm not sure if you can design yourself like make your own design for that i think there should be a specific other app so overall hope this stuff is helpful um so yeah that's an app or you hope you can enjoy there are all these different themes really cool really splendid 3d cartoon movie tv game neon cyberpunk dark nfl uh minimalist cream all of that so yeah that's the idea um hope you are enjoying it um other than that yeah thank you for watching my video subscribe to my channel check out my podcast see you in the next videos

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