here's an app called fancy themes icons and widgets to install it on iphone just tap on the get button or cloud icon depending if you already installed it and the size of the app is around 117 megabytes and it's like one of the top apps to get really cool themes for your iphone including wallpaper including app icons including widgets and all of this is combined into one app so you don't need to you know look for all these other apps and comp use three apps to manage your icons widgets and personalize your home screen so and also it really works well with widgets such as clocks you know some other widgets and all of that so basically that's you installed the app i think the basic version is free to use so then you can just give give it some access depending on which widgets you want to use then if you want obviously to get all the themes you need to upgrade to get all the personalized themes thousand plus pages icons and wallpapers three days for free then 6.99 per week so it's not cheap as you can see so it's uh yeah seven dollars per week is like twenty eight thirty dollars and then yeah you can just select all the seams here you can see the widgets but yeah there are all these ads and then yeah you can see widgets you can see icons so for example if i want to select this theme tap the screen to preview the effect so here how it will look like and then on this theme you have uh clock widget you have data videos you have icons everything the same color and then you can just type easy install and then you will see it already looks which apps i have and wants to um to change them so i just uh do that uh and then it wants to to add all these images all these icons to my photos so that will be added like that and then you need to go to shortcuts apps shortcuts app to use to use it so uh okay so i will just show you so shortcut app is um default app on the ios on iphone and then you can just create like automations or your shortcuts like open app um like basically somewhere here if i want to open like i don't know instagram or something like that uh i need to replace the icon with the newer icon i think it requires another tutorial to do that but uh okay anyhow uh let's just go through this together and then let's just do this so here you can see the official article from apple support just go there so in my shortcuts in the shortcuts app tap three dots you want in the shortcut you want to modify change the shortcut i gleef and that's it so basically open app and then here i just select for example instagram like that um and then basically it can just open instagram so i saved that and then if i want to add it okay then i tap there and then i want to add it to home screen and then preview and then i can change choose photo from here and i will be able to select like instagram icon which i can see here so for example you see all these icons and then i can just select like instagram icon which should be downloaded from this theme or maybe it's not but anyhow uh okay i can just do like spotify and then tap in top right and then add to home screen and then select choose photo and then here's a responify and there you have it then i can just rename it and then i can just add it and then there you have it now i added the icon so as you can see it's a bit it's not that easy um so that's what it is and then i just added that and then you need to do it with all the icons so it's it's a bit long process but anyhow now there are widgets so there are all types of widgets here you can add images so for example i want to add this image of the cat then there are dates calendars quotes and then i want to tap install it's installed there and then of course there is some kind of ad and then there are wallpapers which you can also like install here like uh and then you need to save this wallpaper to your photos and then install it through the menu so to install widget tap and hold tap plus in the top left or top right and then and then i just add this widget tap and hold on the widget edit widget and then i can select widget like this because i just upload it there and that's basically that should work so now you have this image widget installed and then to install wallpaper go to settings app and then wallpaper and then choose new wallpaper and then all photos and then your wallpaper will be in all photos because we saved it there so that's basically how it works as you can see not that easy um you need a lot of work but in the free version but uh the cool part that it has all the designs ready for you and maybe it will tell you 20 minutes something like that to customize your phone maybe an hour just depending how new are you do this and there are all these different seams which are really nice which you can try to install so something like that other themes which you can use they're all categories their new hot minimalist cartoon then there's your icon yeah you can contact support and the cool part that they offer also widgets which other apps didn't offer but now they have it so that's fine that's cool and also wallpapers so it's one of the best apps on the market i guess which combines all of these features so definitely give it a try and then yeah okay also that let's just take a look on the subs okay here you have all these amazing templates there is some help manual how to set widgets which is taking how to set wallpaper and all of that i guess a lot of apps about this are who are using uh like it was easy to install icons and wallpapers but there is something new with all these widgets so if i want to install this i guess and then yes so if you want to install some premium theme then again it's got all seems it's 6.99 per week so it's not that cheap so there you have it that's the app uh that's how it works um yeah so definitely give it a try it's it's grown in charts in in the app store uh so i would definitely recommend you to use this app if you're interested in improving your interface and 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