Fancy Themes - icons & widgets - full overview & how to use

here is cool app called Fancy themes icons and widgets how to use this fancy teams app so yeah this is one of the top apps if you want to customize your iPhone and make it really personal personalized where you want to create your own theme create your own widgets and have your own icons customized with wallpapers and all of that so you can see this app is in top charts it's because there are many apps like this where you can create widgets wallpapers icons uh but uh yeah like I think this is one of the top apps in this category so then yeah you can just load the app unfortunately there are ads here uh and then yeah instantly you are offered to upgrade get all themes and hundreds of personalized themes thousand plus widget icons and wallpapers twice three days for free then 6.99 per week so then yeah you just have all the different uh tabs it's everything is like super simple basically if the first step is just themes where you just have everything combined into the theme where you have wallpaper you have icons and widget everything is made for you so yeah for example here you have some preview of how this team would look like this you can see a nice uh like beige colors and your phone really will look much different from what you have now if you if you're bored this look of your iPhone definitely get a try to this app and then yeah so you have widgets here you have like Tuesday 23 it's like a calendar uh you have icons which it shows the same icons apps you have right now but just in different colors you have all these features and then you have related wallpaper everything in one color scheme and it's the easiest way to use this app so then you can just have easy install and then then you can just basically type install on all the apps I have a lot of apps as you can see on my phone like obviously not all apps can be replaced so only the top ones like calendar Safari WhatsApp I guess like uh I don't know teens or Spotify Twitter so the top apps will be replaced other apps won't be replaced so then you just decide if you need those other apps or you can just keep them on some other additional screen and then uh they will just stay there so yeah just tap install here and follow the prompts it's super easy just follow the instructions what they say there then you have widgets which you can see here and then you have wallpaper uh where you can just select a related wallpaper in the same color scheme as you have here and then you also tap install here and that's super easy and then you have a really cool tutorial um how to set wallpaper open Settings app and select wallpaper or click choose a new wallpaper select the download that wallpaper and yeah and then you can just select it like this um so yeah there you have it um so yeah something like that then you can also sell out fidgets um One Tap on home screen either on some icon or an empty space you will see apps jiggling and then tap Plus in the top right or top left uh select fancy themes app and then add the widget which you want to add complete installation um yeah the answer is widget stacking you can stack widget one on another and then you have can have multiple widgets if you have not that much space on your phone uh then you can also add transparent widgets basically you can click that set transparent background button follow the tips to add a screenshot of wallpaper a screenshot of current desktop wallpaper and then you just add it into the widget and then your widget will look uh like like here so it it won't be having its own background it's on box it will just feel like it's just attached to the home screen with transparent background so that's pretty cool uh and then you can also see how to set icons select icon and click use shortcuts select the icon you want to click save into the album and then yeah this is a bit more complicated uh hopefully in in these teams widget app you can do it in either way but yeah then you just need to use shortcuts app on iPhone this is a default app which should be available on your iPhone you should have at least iOS 14 to have that so yeah then shortcuts app tab plus icon add action uh scripting choose open app choose button select open uh and then click more at the home screen uh type the app name and type on icon so I can just choose photo choose file and then select the desired app icon tap add and then basically yeah this is a bit complicated but it makes sense when you just try it few times it's it's basically a little program you have with the shortcuts app little automation which basically says I'm uploading this picture on on my iPhone which I can download from fancy Sims widget and then when I click on this when I tap on this image picture I will be redirected to this app like so and then you can just add and customize whatever you want and add any images you like or want like with the one minus of this method is that is uh if you tap on this image you will have like a redirect so you will have like you tap and then you open shortcut the shortcut app will open and then quickly you will be redirected to your app so it's a bit annoying but yeah that's that's a demand what works if if you want to add custom icons so that's basically what it is uh well really easy to use app and then yeah if you want to upgrade then you will just have more themes and more customizations and yeah if you're just starting out I would just recommend you to start with scenes because with widgets all of them are in different colors different styles and then it can be complicated for you to to reach some one style which can be easily used uh so yeah there you have it hope that is helpful

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