here's fantasy team's app and just quick overview what it does and what the point of this app so this app offers you ways to customize your home screen so you have themes so basically also there are ads because this ad supported app so basically you have wallpapers you have icons and you have widgets and if you tap on easy install basically you can install icons so then you can just tap and install and replace all my icons here and then you can replace widgets that the whole interesting feature so there are like clock widget images dates quotes and then there are wallpapers which you can install some interesting wallpapers user color single choice or different ones so that's what you can do it's available for free but then also you can just upgrade here if you tap on this on some premium Sim you can upgrade so then you can just select and tap widgets and tap on some premium widgets and then you can see that you can get thousand plus widgets I can send wallpapers for 6.99 per week so it's not cheap but there is three day free trial so you can try it out at least and that's basically the idea of the app I must say that yeah so also sometimes they offer just to watch some long video ad to unlock this content and it's really interesting app is also has like a lot of tutorials how to set widgets you can also create your own widget and all of that even if you're using this app and you installing icons it will take you like you know 30 minutes or maybe less or more depending on number of apps you have to actually to set up all the icons because you need to manually go to shortcuts app and change every icon then you can go to Settings app and change your wallpaper and then you can just easily install videos I created another video about that but it's very handy to have that everything in one app hope this is helpful and thank you for watching

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