Farmish app - how to create an account?

hello so here's interesting app which is called farmish local farm and food marketplace so let's install it and see how this app works you can buy and sell locally grown produce farm fresh eggs garden supplies and more so that's what you can do create a free listing to start your home grown goods find homegrown products for salad near you you can browse by category and yeah so that's like a uh green food marketplace uh and it's it's growing pretty fast and there are like a lot of ratings and it's no not that much ratings yet but it's it's growing fast um so yeah maybe later and then there you have it so this is the app i can just allow i can give access to my current location and then then i can just sign up so i will just create an account here and let's you can sign up for newsletter and then so there you have it so now i should be signed up and there it is my account is created so that's good however the app looks like you know just the website through down to the to the app here i have my account and that's basically how you create an account here i will do another video overview of who full app i'll just want to explore it a bit more

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