Farmish - natural food marketplace - full app overview

here is the apps called farmish and this is a marketplace with help which helps you to find local farm and food uh it's a marketplace for local food and farms buy and sell farm fresh eggs produce gardening supplies plants trees and more you can buy just search on the map you can create a free listing for your homegrown productions uh yeah and then you can just do that there are all these different product categories um yeah so let's just open the app it's like it's in the top charts right now it's i'm on top hundred apps in the us app store so there is definitely a huge demand for this for this app and yeah like it's just a bit buggy and it doesn't work that well i also think it's only available in north america or you united states so if you just search here for for some categories so it's like a map still is changing location to the same place so yeah that's a bit buggy but anyhow i just tap on the search button here and then you can just search for specific elements so you can you can just search for like someone is this like miscellaneous someone's selling some like you know a lot of eggs different supplies farm fresh eggs by the dozen so you can just get that so you can see in pennsylvania you can just get that and then how do you do it you can just message seller you can favorite it and then you can just send a message so that's basically what you can do that's how it works you can also i can view product and then just message seller and that's that's basically how it works so like as you can see the design is still a bit uh still a bit like clunky but the app works and people like the idea that you know you can get all this fresh farm food and you can get from the local surprise suppliers and support the local farmers and also eat more healthier food if you're literally tried sorry tired of all this like supermarket  food you can try out apps like this i hope there will be more apps in this category but it's just a starting new category you can see all the favorites you can see messages plants and trees meat and poultry and all of that so that's basically the idea then you have your account you by the way you can easily create your account just with email and stuff like that uh the answer is something like membership uh free membership free seven day product listing seller homegrown products x meat but if you want uh membership you can get 10 active listings branded storefront with a custom url search prioritization and it's like 14.99 monthly so that's also another way so if you're a farmer you want to get some branding some marketing sell more products try out this app for sure because it's growing in charts right now so it can be a good choice so anyhow i hope this is helpful the ratings for this app is are still not that high so you can see 3.2 or something average rating so that's not that great but i haven't seen this app before so maybe it's just a start so you can say 83 ratings so yeah yeah i hope it will improve in the future so thank you for watching and see you in the next videos

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