FastEasy app - how to create account?

well here is interesting trending app which is called fast easy item intermittent fasting so let's just use touch id to install it and yep this is the app which helps you to lose weight pretty fast with no diet but of course you should be very careful by using this app because there are you know these apps but these are your decisions and you just sometimes until maybe you need also to consult with doctor and stuff like that to be completely sure that this app is correct so let's just open it up and then you can get started and then you can just enter this questionnaire you can see you can see all the details then you just enter your details and then here it is what you have do you follow and it [Music] so and then you can just select uh the yeah your plan and then this app will generate the plan for you and there you have it now actually after you created it unfortunately you instantly need to upgrade there is no option to use this app for free so yeah so you need to upgrade and that's what it is so it's like 1999 per one month you can get 59.99 for one year or 39.99 for three months maybe this can be a good starting point not sure you can do a lot in one month but for three months you can try it out and then decide if you really want this app for a year

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