FastMath - Take Photo & Solve - app overview

everybody so here is the app called fast mass take photo and solve this is the app which you can use just to solve different Mass problems on your device uh you can just scan different things and then you will be able to again and solve them just on your phone of course you can ask like why I need to do that I can just Google but yeah in fact the if you have some complex equation it can be pretty hard even to go to type it into Google like you know how do you use all these additional symbols so it's just much much more easier to just scan it with your phone and then instantly it's just being recognized and you have your answer available and that's the way to learn really fast and how is your college with your school and it's not only just stupidly solving this for you you also have some explanation so if you're really stuck on some equation have no clue what's going on there you at least can get some quick help and some understanding what's happening so yeah there you have it full version only 19.99 for three months uh okay so it's 19.99 for three months so it's like 80 dollars per year as I understand but let's just try with the limited version and then I just need access to camera I don't need notifications just for this tutorial and then you can just scan your homework so if we just you know start with something easy and then we just try to scan it and the cool thing about this app is like instant pop-up and instant solution so problem and then see solution steps okay so it's not instant actually so yeah you need to here you have that step-by-step Solutions access PDF share with friends one months 9.99 per month uh so yeah that's basically the idea and then yeah you can just see see solution steps uh and then yeah that's basically unfortunately yeah you you probably need to upgrade right away uh because it's not possible to see to see the solution without fast mass premium so that's what it is here um so yeah that's what you have uh in some apps you can solve it cheap or for free to be honest so in some apps you don't need to pay to solve this kind of queries but if you like specifically this app then you probably need to upgrade because it's not possible to use it in a free version and to be honest in other apps like yeah you can use like some number of queries per day but if you are really like you know solving the mass hard work and stuff like that you will need a lot of queries and uh yeah you will need to upgrade sooner rather than later so there we have

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