FAX APP for iPhone TopFax net Full overview & how to use

hello everyone so here is this app which seems to go viral it's called topfox.net so everyone needs effects not a fax machine turn a smartphone into a fax machine with one app so let's try to download it like what this app is about because seems it's went viral for a moment uh facts from iphone sense effects so to install just in app store and just search for this app and just use the touch id to install so send fax from iphone with our mobile fax app the portable fax and app allows you to send scan add combined preview edit and much more in a simple and neat interface a really easy and convenient mobile faxing machine in your pocket so let's try to open it up like who would start to easy sorry who would start to use this app the modern time but it's still interesting um skip and then uh [Music] how it works so you can just send to any number in the united states and you like fax number i don't know then you can add cover page so there are cover templates you can select some of them you can add a recipient's name sender's information email number title uh urgent please reply for you and then you can see all this like facts cover sheet all of that and then you can just also save it then you can scan images or documents scan documents for the library from other apps from icloud and then just tap send [Music] so i just need to scan something okay just send my photo yep this is my laptop but of course you can just send proper document photos and images and then you can just tap send be sure to enter the valid folks now fax number and then you will see estimated delivery and high grade ssl encryption real-time delivery updates but you need to get pro now so one month 17.99 one quarter 39.99 one week 7.99 it seems it's not possible to send it for free so there you have it also you have drafts we have history outgoing income um you can also get a fax number you'll get the faxes in income box or the history page and check them and then there are settings you can send unlimited faxes you can see your fax number my also clear history and then yeah change your area code and then you can just get this fax number uh receive unlimited faxes from your phone real-time updates when you received so basically you can use this app to send a fax to this app also so you don't need to buy some fax machines somewhere looking it on ebay or something like that so yeah you can just use this app and yeah just get faxes straight to this app so that's the idea that's how it works that's the app again you need to go to topfax.net it's available on android and on app store and yeah you can send and receive faxes and anytime it plays fax important files keep you informed of course you can send all of it using i don't know some whatsapp or signal telegram just some documents but yeah if you if you need some this fax format you can just do it using iphone hope that was helpful like and subscribe visit my website mr hack.yeah                                                                                                                                                                                      

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