FC 24 Companion app - can you login without EA account?

In a world where gaming and mobile apps go hand in hand, one question frequently asked is whether it is possible to use the FC 24 Companion app without an EA account. For those unfamiliar, the FC 24 Companion app is an offering from Electronic Arts, designed to enhance the gaming experience for fans of the popular FC 24 game.

Upon opening the app, users are immediately prompted to sign in with their EA account. This may lead some to wonder if there are alternative options available, such as signing in with a Steam account or other services commonly used in similar apps. Unfortunately, the current version of the FC 24 Companion app only supports sign-ins via an EA account.

This means that if you wish to make use of the app's features, you must have an active EA account which is also the same account you use on your console or PC. Prior to logging in through the Companion app, it is necessary to create your ultimate team on your gaming device. Once this step has been completed, simply log in to the app using the same EA account, and you will gain access to all functionalities.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of forgetting your login credentials, fear not. The app does provide an option to recover your account by selecting the "forgot your password" feature. However, it is essential to remember that without an EA account, the FC 24 Companion app cannot be utilized.

As technology continues to evolve and user preferences diversify, it is possible that future updates to the FC 24 Companion app may introduce additional login options. Until then, gamers are advised to create or retrieve their EA accounts to fully enjoy the features offered within the app.

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