FEELD dating app - how to create an account?

what is field dating app so it's like a open dating app and uh yeah this is the app which where you want to explore uh the dating beyond the norm as it is described that on their website what they write here we believe nothing is more fluid or less binary than human relationships and desire this is why we create a field where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards other so it's very inclusive app it has a lot of group it has group chat it's quite private it has couple accounts where you can date together with your partner or a curious friend um so yeah uh so whether you're curious about alternative relationships or want to explore desires field will connect you with like-minded humans so that's basically the idea of the app and it's climbing in charts in the u.s app store is people are curious about this there are 34 000 ratings it's in top 100 lifestyle apps in the us app store at the moment so let's just install it and see what this is about so here you can chat and connect dating for humans private and it all this app also got a lot of press so let's just open it up you can allow notifications or not and then you just need to uh yeah uh here and then you can create your account easily with apple id i just use that because it's pretty fast of course you can sign up using my on facebook then you need to be at least 18 years old so then you can just add some and you go next uh then you can just enter some info so yeah then you can just do that uh this is how the sign up process is looking at and then you just need to add photos and yeah tap plus to start adding photos and complete the sign up

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