so here is interesting dating app which is called field field.co um it's getting more popularity and traction in the us app store so let's explore it so this is like an open dating app for people who want to you know explore their dating life what they write here on the website we believe nothing is more fluid or less binary than human relationships and desires this is why we created field where everyone can be honest with themselves while being responsible towards others it's inclusive there are group chats uh it's private so there is a focus on privacy and then there are couple accounts where you can date together with your partner lawyer or a curious friend so yeah it was featured in number of media outlets and this is like a positive space for humans looking to explore dating beyond the norm uh either you just you know curious about some alternative relationships or want to explore desires field will connect you with like-minded humans uh so yeah that's basically the idea uh so let's just go in the app uh itself so here's how it looks like so obviously you just see some dating profiles here you can see some description and then you can like or don't like that person so similar as some tinder then you have beings to let them know they caught your eye if they like your back they will appear directly in your connections so you can do that then there are connections uh as soon as someone likes you back you will see them here so this basically your messages tab then there are likes uh humans who liked you will appear here feel this small community mind the space it can take a while for people to find you but they will and then there is your account uh so yeah uh then you can see all the community you can see app settings you can enable this interesting talents theme you can disable some notifications you can change the measurement if you want it's super easy to terminate and delete your account terminator will immediately delete your profile and personal data just in case you know some people also like to have a quick option to delete an account easily you could then you can also deactivate or pause your account so yep that's the idea then you can change app icon easily so that's also kind of cool feature then you can just have is just some random photo you can edit your profile here is what you can set up here uh you can filter out be seen on incognito one on other humans won't see on this car until you like them first connect to facebook to hide from your friends only so that's basically the idea so that's the app and then you can select search settings you can select maximum distance you can select age range or yeah just like an example stuff like that [Music] you can select your location and then you can select other locations and for that you don't need to to pay additional yeah to pay something additional so yeah that's basically the idea and then you can upgrade get access to premium features so you can be incognito now when someone likes you see a human that's active down seam private photos one ping a day so then you can just get that so it's like 11.99 for 30 days or 23.99 for 90 days so you can then do that so yep that's the idea of the app like i don't know it's this app is not for everyone obviously this is like a niche dating app but it's just good for you to explore if you're interested in this kind of niche and the app is really going like very high in the lifestyle section of the us app store it's like numbers in top 100 apps and yep so that's the idea and it's well designed as well it's minimalistic and all of that but let's see if it really provides some quality and if yeah it's not for everyone probably so you decide

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