Fetch Rewards app - can’t create an account..

here is interesting app which is called fetch rewards um so let's just install it recently it's going up in the charts um so i don't know maybe it's connected to you know to the economic situation and all of that but this kind of like saving apps where you can get some cash back some points some extra cash a bit if you're doing some tasks or stuff like that so these apps are really getting in the top of the charts so here you can see fight rewards and then to create an account you have options standard with email old school or just with apple id uh okay cool not sure okay let's try out again so let's try this uh so yeah still for some reason i can't sign up i don't know what can be the issue here it says looks like there is an issue with your connection please check that you have a reliable connection and that you are not using a vpn if you still experience issues contact support rewards dot com for help so yep i don't know what's happening my business app is only available in your ass or something like that but anyways uh if you know solution to this error please leave it in the comments below

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