Fetch Rewards app - how to contact support? Error, can’t create account

so here's interesting app which is called factory rewards um so yeah let's just try to open it up and see what this app is about since it has been in the top charts in the us app store recently so to create an account you have these options with apple id google facebook or you can sign up is a mail so let's just use apple id and let's see uh so yeah okay looks like there is an issue with your connection please check that you have a reliable connection and that you're not using vpn otherwise you can reach out to support fetchrewards.com for help i don't know what the issue is here if you have some similar problem please just leave it in the comments below i don't know why uh yeah it's happening i also tried to sign off his google i also try to sign up his facebook also doesn't work yup so that's the idea hope it is helpful

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