Fetch Rewards app - HOW TO USE? FULL OVERVIEW

in this quick tutorial we're gonna go through patch rewards app as you can see this app is stopping the charts in the us app store competing with amazon with walmart nike and like top apps in the shopping category and it also was like in the top charts in overall apps so i was like what this app is about um like so let you know this app i think is mainly available only in united states so if you're in europe or canada or i don't know australia anywhere else in the world i don't think this app will work properly maybe it will maybe something changes but this is primarily if you recite in united states the idea of the app is super easy and it's like brilliant so basically when you shop some brand so you go to supermarket and you purchase some specific brands then you can just use your receipts to get additional points in the app and if you have them collected enough points in this fetch rewards app after that you can use these points to buy some stuff from the app like you can get a t-shirt you can get some additional gift card uh all of that get and then spend this money with specific brands and all of that so basically it's kind of like a cashback uh but yeah it's just worse works in a more a bit more different way um and then they're recently starting to started to add some social media experience um and all of that so let's just go through the app here is how it looks like the first step is like a discover tab where you can see all the rewards and brands you can get so here you have special offers that are always added here on recent brands and there is a lot of purchases there are a lot of categories there is high to low so for example if i'm buying a cereal like you know a lot of people just buy cereal eat it with milk every morning and if you're buying one of these brands you can get a cashback so basically if i tap on cheerios um what i need to do so i bought these cheers then i need to have a receipt either like digital receipt that i this send to my email or some e-banking app or like some pdf version or i can just snap it with with my camera so you can just give access to a camera and then you can snap the receipt photo so you can do that and then it gives you 10 points per every dollar spent with serious so if you bought like a bag few packs of cheers for 10 dollars you will have like 100 points and yeah so that's basically the idea and then of course you have like all these brands you can view all these brands divided into different categories like baby products bacon beauty beverages bread and bakery breakfast and cereal clean and home frozen grocery health and wellness magazines household so you can go and yeah and usually you can see yes 10 points for one dollar spent again here and you just have all these products personal occur so if you bind this so that's probably the standard rate so 10 points per one dollar and yeah so that's basically how it works you can search by product brand category then there is like a social element it's social data so you have like some friend activities here you can see some people who bought some stuff and who are getting basically all these points so as you can see this guy he's actually getting a lot of points he just bought some costco cheap hotels cvs pharmacy and all of that and then just getting all these points which is pretty cool um and then what you can do with this point so basically i don't think you can withdraw so for example i have points i have like 5 000 points and i can just look what can be my rewards so 10 000 points i can already turn that into ten dollar gift cards on adidas.com so as you can see you actually need really really a lot of points to make it something meaningful so yeah ten thousand points means like ten dollars and on amazon or amc and all of that so but still you get you get ten dollars and then just depending how how many purchases are you making and all of that so that's basically the idea then you have all these categories you just have cash cards uh so yeah let's just take a look on the cash cards so this is possibly the only way to actually withdraw cash if you don't want you know buy some nike shoes or something like that but you just want to withdraw cash so you need 11 500 points to withdraw ten dollars here in this app uh yeah so that's kind of the idea of it then you can get a t-shirt t-shirt is 5 000 points you can get that so it's yeah it should be according to the recalculation it's around like 15 so that's around the price of it you can get 10 dollar card in papa john in amazon all of that and then you have your profile you can see all these notifications [Music] you can refer a friend so basically you can use a referral friend and earn big when they snap a receipt so you can get the 2000 and give 2000 from here and then you can just enter a referral code so here is my code rtr ht and then you can get 2 000 points and give two thousand points with it and then you can see your referrals so definitely use this feature guys from just from this video try it out this app if you live in the united states of course and it can be pretty pretty helpful for you especially in times of like recession and all of that these apps are becoming really popular because people can sell a few bucks here a few bucks there you know buy some discount there use some cashback use some fast rewards and this is how you your budget is becoming a bit better and especially with all these gas prices and all this inflation yeah apps like that you know it's like 10 20 dollars it adds up over the time so definitely check it out um then you can just earn the rewards for shopping online uh basically you can just if you're using these retailers you can just connect them to this app and and then yeah you can just earn automatically some points you don't need to fetch any receipts i guess or it will be automatically fetched here and then if you have prescriptions you can earn that and then there is like a help center then there are settings which you can try out um yeah unfortunately i was figuring out what if what to do if i want to delete my data and delete my account it's a good style when apps have that option but unfortunately here i don't see that so yeah the only option if you really want to delete your data on your account you just need to go to uh contact us section then just select profile help and then just write a message and just write something like delete my account that's what i would do i think [Music] and then after that just tap send and you will be able to delete your account so that's the idea uh yeah something around that and then of course you need to select how to add your receipts or how to snap a photo so that's how you snap it you can enable disable flashlight store total date you can select uh yeah like different metrics like different numbers which should be there so that's basically the idea if you enjoy the app you can definitely write it on on app store and yeah explore this social beta you can sync your contacts if you want to connect with friends but yeah that's the idea of so something around it as you can see um that's how it works uh you can i don't know wes who is this influencer is here co-founder or anything so he already has 453 points that's like a lot in this app but you can see the potential of the app like how how much you can actually earn of course it's not easy of course you will need to spend a lot of time fetching these rewards and spending a lot of time in this app but yeah uh you you can also add friends and uh yeah just hang out and see friend activity and something around it and then you can add friends just by typing friend name here like this and then you can just invite them so that's basically the app idea um yeah if you go to the app store again you can see that this app is still like quite high in the in the results so here you can see 2.4 million ratings it's like pretty impressive uh i absolutely love this app it's ridiculously easy to use so simple just take a picture every receipt you get for anything from anywhere and you start stacking up points immediately and super fast i'm already almost to five thousand points i just don't know did this happen took my b10 receipt picture think about if uh think about it if you are like me you stop at least once a day and buy something doesn't really matter what you purchase either because everybody spend money no matter what you're spending it on as long as you just take a picture of that receipt you get a check out you'll get points so that's of course that's like uh one review which is that good but overall writing is also pretty high as there is also ipad app and this app already got so many like reports and um like awards and stuff like that so hope this is helpful um thank you for watching check out this app

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