FIFA 22 Companion App - how to install on iPhone?

hello so let's try to install uh fifa 22 companion app uh also it's like fut22 app or like uh your fifa ultimate team app so just tap get and you should be start installing so 74 megabyte size and it's it's a new companion app to newly released fifa 22 which can be used on playstation or xbox and to use this app you need to have fifa 20 to your account twister food club on licensure xbox origin just log into fifa 22 on your controller pc create food club and security question reopen fifa 22 app and start your fut journey so this is how it works so it's like fifa 22 ultimate team app so this is the app you need because i think there are some other apps [Music] which are not exactly do what you need so you need to sign in with your ear account or you can just get started and here you can just create your account so yeah you can just create your ultimate team here you can sign up but i think you as described here you need to login first to your console and then and then create so login on your console or pc create a future clap and add security question reopen and start your journey so i think from here you need to login like this and then just create with your e a account                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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