FIFA 22 Companion App - glitchy, buggy, doesn’t work - what to do?

so fifa 22 companion app is the app which is basically constantly just every year updated by um your esports and like every year seems they're just like some glitches as you can see people just writing a recurring bug two years ago could be better one year ago also there are so many things to be done to be worth a five star still this app is a good tool because this restriction yeah so you can connect to live services so a lot of users around the world enjoy it but still like for a lot of people just like terrible unstable apps this app is absolutely awful when it comes to the transfer market as it will often now allow you to make a beat after a certain amount of bits might it just gives an error and you have to quit the app to in order to get the transfer market to work again um constantly hangs and needs restarting this year app is horribly unstable is constantly hangs when you're doing tasks like posting plus on transfer list or searching for players to fill in sbcs may your backs can access the transfer market inconsistent the app is convenient but it still like doesn't work so like of course you can always just update the app um uh so like two days ago there were like just update which fixed the issue where the price range was incorrectly updated so also you can read the reviews here you can reach out to app support tap on the app support just down below the app and it will redirect your probably you can just fill out some ticket here and probably the developers of this app hopefully will try to reply to you so somewhere here you can just tap contact us uh and then uh yeah it should be uh some contact form here hopefully um so you have something around that and then select any ea product maybe you can just search for or maybe then just search for fifa fifa 22 and then just you know here you can just reach out and ask them your question other than that um that's about it you can also ask below this video or ask in the support forum so thank you a lot for watching

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