FIFA COMPANION app - CAN’t LOGIN with EA ACCOUNT - what to do?

so here is fifa 22 companion app and uh to log in with ea account you can just tap here log in and then continue with steps but for a lot of people it doesn't work out so i found this support article so what to do if you can't log in to your ei account overall and specifically for this app for fifa companion 22 app first what they suggest just try to reset your password if you get an error message again try to reset your password um try to log in with playstation network account xbox live steam account apple id or facebook email isn't linked um so basically if none of this is working you need to click contact us at the top of any page of ea help select origin choose any platform select manage my account for the topic and can't login for the issue click select contact option then just enter your email and name once so then you'll get the option to speak with one of the advisors so here is contact us where you can reach out here so and then basically you can reach out from here but i don't know there is some issue with internet or something like that but basically that's what you can do

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