Fifa22 app - bugs, doesn’t work - what you can do?

so i'm just going here through the fifa 22 companion app and seems like there are still so many bugs this is the one app which every year is getting updated and people expect that this app will be really like of high quality but as you can see there is just three points of six out of five average rating um so if you just search by some reviews you can see that a lot of people tell and write that this app is incredibly incredibly buggy and slow for supposedly aaa developers this app is poor lots of glitches as consistently causes freezes and crashes that should have been fixed a long time ago because they are so easily recreatable all this to support the reflection game module to my team but then again the game mode is a license to print so white so transfer hardly works i can log in when my pc turned off keeps telling me i'm signed into app on my pc even i even i'm logged out the apps keeps freezing uh the app used to be so much better this year uh this year the app seems to be unusable so this is what people ride crashes about every two minutes so in case you also experience these issues it's not only you this is just like a lot of users have have the same issues these days and um yeah like i don't know what you can do of course you can reach out to app support here if you just tap on the app store and just reach out to you can try to do that um you can try to contact but um yep that's what you can do uh otherwise you can always just wait like for the next year until this app is basically updates and becomes better you can always write some comments below uh what do you think what are your solutions to to these boxing glitches and why to see exactly this year the app is not functional for many users maybe because i think like hundreds of thousands of people have the issues with this app so if you have some kind of work around how this app is working for you might be just mention your phone model or yeah like why do you think this app is working for you so anything will help hope at least this overview was helpful

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