Fifa22 app - CAN’t Log In - what you can do?

so i'm just going here through the reviews of fifa 22 app and just a lot of people say that it's like terrible to log in some user says have fun even trying to log in sign in problems it says that i'm sending to another device but i wasn't signed into anything else fix it and there there is not only these bugs there are like so many bugs in this app um it's you can see that can't login without logging out on console first even when the console is off yikes so you need to log out on console uh and on it like doesn't matter if you didn't log out and your console is off you still can't login on the app playstation is off and this app tells me that i'm not logged off apparently i needed to turn on the game and go into foot but then press back to finally can use the app so that's what you can try to do maybe this fixes the problem so again you need to turn on the game go into the foot then press back to finally use the app um when i try to log in it says i have to be in a food 22 club and when i go it says the same thing such a terrible app um so too many glitches so as you can see of course like fifa is one of the most popular games out there and a lot of people just expecting high quality from from one of these major apps on iphone like for the for the fifa but it's like this year it's like super glitchy and there are a lot of bugs so it's not only you it's not your device or your internet connection it's just super glitchy for a lot of people and i don't really know how to solve these exact bugs um of course you can always reach out to the support you can ask other people but of course the best solution would be just the app updated cell phones they update this app but i just don't know when it can happen or what should happen for this app to you know update and yeah fix the issues you can choose a lot of frustration reviews here so just leave some comments below this video maybe if it if it's working for you just give us some advice like what did you do which device are you using like how do you make this app work

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