FIFA22 app - KEEPS FREEZING - what you can do?

so here is fifa 22 app and for a lot of people it just keeps freezing so if you just look here by reviews um you can see that app keeps freezing never had an issue this but seems fifa 19 getting freeze every three four minutes since he saw updates and some people say that this is the 2022 version of the app which has become really unusable and super buggy for a lot of users if you're not experiencing this you are like quite lucky but for a lot of people as you can see it just crashes about every two minutes making impossible to win beating wars i can't believe how bad this app is on the transfer page every time i type on the card the averages to list a few players i have to restart the app hundred times worst app i have ever used senile since i like to play fifa i'm forced to use the app uh this app could be great this was a five star app initially now when i go to the transfer list i can maybe list one card before the app completely crashes bits don't always work unless you restart the app after last updated app is now unusually slow takes forever to load images rack to any clicking crashes often when you search players on market crashes when you're looking at transfer not so good unusable unusable uh while app keeps getting worse freezing all the time horrible like so as you can see this is already used for the app which which have been in the app store for like for ages because every year they just keep the same app that just updated for the new fifa version but yeah for some reason exactly this year the update didn't go that well as you can see and there are like so many replies like this that idea is really good but the execution is not that great for this app so that's basically what it is at this moment too much bugs uh i don't know what you can do i'm just keep reading these reviews and as you can see this is what's happening um so i don't know if there is some quick solution because it's not dependent on your phone or your device or your internet connection or something like that this is just the app quality so of course you can reach out to the support you can wait and try to update the app um or maybe you can just ask a question here in the comment section maybe someone will help you out and try to respond so otherwise maybe maybe it's working well for you so maybe you just can share some experience what works for you because until there is a really like huge app update i don't know that this issue can be solved so that's that

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