Finch self care app - autotagging doesn’t work

so um i'm just going through some of reviews of like finnish software widget pad app this app is for a lot of people it's just really amazing i've seen the amazing job from the developers and team um it has like five star reviews on more than tens of thousands of reviews so it's really amazing but let's just go maybe there are some like pros and cons of the app so one of the there are still few bugs here and there so if you're using that my business just quick video over will be helpful so some people know that there are like some issues with uh auto tagging system so if you're not your positive reflections or negative reflection uh and then uh like so this when you write some you know self journaling the auto tagging feature is not exactly precise so it doesn't catches your mood exactly in the right way a lot of the prompts are wack and samey just straight up wouldn't work on someone who hasn't had the best [Music] so this prompts there is and also this person says there is not much incentive to stop journaling especially seeing as your pets will spend a long amount of time exploring unless you give them extra energy this has resulted in a few like you know uh um yeah so for some people it it can be really some some things can be frustrating and it can be understandable because you know this app should be very self motivating self healing self care app and even if the some smallest details isn't working it can be super annoying for some people [Music] so yeah and some people are also saying that i would give five stars but uh auto tagging feature is broken um again so like if there is a negative word in the reflection such as not it thinks the reflection is negative or forced you to at least have your feeling every time if you open with a screen you cannot pass without listening your mood some people are irritated by that uh so um uh yeah so there you have it the developers say that they will resolve this issue soon without attacking so just be sure to update the app uh but a lot of people are really writing like 10 out of 10 which is like pretty amazing so you then if you just go to the app and then you can see uh like these features you can save basically your progress so be sure to do that and then you can enable or disable auto tagging here so if you're really annoyed by that you can just disable that anyways hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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