FINCH Self Care - HOW TO ADD WIDGET on iPhone?

so how to add finch self-care widget so just tap on your icon in top left and then you can see here uh in the customization add android widget so that's the video that's just the name of this software widget i created then i can just tap add widget so here is some instruction i will do it after we'll just go through this instruction touch and hold the home screen until the apps you go tap a plus button in the corner type finch in search box and tap on finch and then tap the add button and you're done so let's try it out so it's similar to locket widget or noted widget or some other widgets like this so yeah again let's just tap and hold and it starts to jiggle then you can just search for finch and then yeah here is your self-care best friend no yeah which you can just select two sizes at this moment big or small so let's just select small and there you have it now you have this widget and what's the point of having it like well because it's more motivating so instead of you know just opening the app logging in the app opening some tab in the app which you know it's already taken i don't know some effort if you're a lazy person like me for example but here you just have it on your home screen and it's like self motivational app and you can easily see these steps right in the app here so that's that's basically it um and it's like super super motivating super easy to see your progress right individually hope that is helpful

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