Finch: self care widget pet FULL OVERVIEW

here's interesting app which is called finch self car widget pad it's coin in the top charts and the app store and what's special about it so yeah basically this app is a widget so yeah probably heard might be not about locket widget or noted widget instead of being just an app it's a widget which takes some part of your screen and then yeah it's you can instantly see it on on your iphone screen no need to you know go open the app log into your account and all of that so yeah let's just use touch id to install it and then let's just take a look so this app has 124 megabytes in size 11 000 ratings uh meet your new self-care best friend features a self-care pad app that helps you feel prepared and positive one day at a time take care of your pet by taking care of yourself choose you from a wide var variety of self-care exercises personalized for you the best daily self-care app struggling with stress mental health or need motivation is self-care at core chore finch makes self-care finally feel rewarding mindful exercises quick check-ins and optional features as you can see the writing is just amazing 5 out of 5 11 000 writings i'm just want to believe this is not faked and then you can see that seems like this app can really help a lot of people um so let's just take a look um like what could be the process how easy it is to start with this app how to set up an account i'll just try to walk you through it and try to create an account myself so you can see on the screen how it looks like i have a bit on an older iphone so basically if it works on my phone it should definitely work on yours i have like iphone 7. um so yeah here you can start journey and then this is how it looks like [Music] and then just enter your name i guess [Music] then you can just do this daily check-ins you can turn on notifications and then you can just start your day and that's about it uh so now it's kind of like a positive uh quotes and you know mindfulness messages and then of course this is the this widget and then basically yeah please just add the widget so if i tap and hold and then and then i can just add this widget and then i will just have it here so then it's just easy to click this widget and just go instantly to the app so and then i just need to complete all these challenges uh so stay in the evening reflection what made you happy today um your day knew you first and then you can just have this you know tropical rainforest sound so it's basically like a meditation app combined with this widget which is shown in the iphone home screen how you get started and create an account and hope that is helpful

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