FishBowl app - how to create account?

so here is interesting app which is called fishbowl professional network get ahead with professional so let's explore how to create an account here so if i just tap get i can just use touch id or face id to install the app and the size is like 74 megabytes in this app you can find your professional community either in technology marketing consulting sales teachers ask questions believe without disclosing your name narco network remotely at live audio events get advice on big decisions feel seen on small things start or join groups for any professional interest find jobs at companies you allow so that's that um basically in the era of remote work it's really helpful just to find some helpful community ask some questions and yep so then you just have all these options either your student your professional or your existing user then you just need to enter uh your name then you just have so now um you just verify your professional enter your work email or sign up using an option uh so here okay let's just try to sign up with apple id if that will work so ideally okay it wants you to sign up using using your work email i'll just try that okay let's try from beginning something is not working here okay so you need to sign up using one of those forms using facebook or using linkedin and then you can just proceed to account if you're you're a student find out from real professional what is really like to work with the industry company apply for exclusive jobs so then let's go uh verify university you can sign up is add you email so you can do that let's also try to sign up using apple id it doesn't work for me i don't know what's the issue or you can sign in with your personal email number or sign in here so these are all the options how you can sign in and you have an account and all of that i'll try to do that but i hope you enjoyed this quick process

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