so here is fishbowl app uh professional network app uh it's kind of uh app for professional communities kind of like linkedin um [Music] but uh yeah but you might not disclose your name and you can be in an anonymous hidden profile and stuff like that uh and you can network remotely you can get advice on like some career decisions um you can join some groups you can find uh companies so that's basically this is the app the main uh feature why it's going viral it's because it opens the opportunity to have this kind of like chats um like hidden chats about like works i'm having some gossip and of course if you are posting that on facebook everyone will know that but here you can have a bit more private profile and then just discuss all the career opportunities at some companies ask questions about your career choices and stuff like that so there are more than 10 000 ratings 4.5 average rating 10 000 ratings and then yeah so let's just go through the app let's just explore that here's how it looks like basically you have just a feed of professionals who are asking all these questions you have live audio events and then you can join different groups which are called balls so these are the second tab bubble um you can create your own bowels so here you can see your own like my bowels which like social media strategy work-life balance talks interview tips uh like all of these other types some careers companies so here you can for example see deloitte you can see some discussions around it uh you can see some funny jokes uh and the the cool part these are not random people so for example uh if you work at deloitte you can only sign up with email or verified work email so it's quite hard actually to fake maybe it's not that hard but still uh to fake your profile that you work at google or microsoft so it should be verified with fishball so you know that for sure you are speaking here with the professionals who are working at these companies and you can get some advice for example you get got two offers from two amazing companies similar offers but you just don't know where the culture is better where is the better fit for you and where you need to go to um so that's um how it works um yeah and then you can just get some advice from it so then you can get some notifications then there is your profile so you can create your profile again you need to add like a work email then there are some posts then there are some live events and there are some bookmarks um here uh here you can see some love like it's a positive recognition you have received from others in your industry um you can explore trending posts so for example uh uh here you can see some interview tips for example so so for example some advice on interviewing tips some you know like questions and all of that so you can of course go to your feed and then tap ask a question and then just ask some question you need to select a ball so ball again is kind of like a facebook group so like a work life bowl and then you can just post uh and yeah like so all of that you can just tag a company you can add a tag and all these people who are working in the companies i will be notified you can also just search uh for people here so you can just tap search for people just search like that and then you can just discover uh like so some and these are people who are working in a lot of like major corporations like a lot of big companies so it's like a lot of you know like office workers and there are just some amazing threads here as well similar as on twitter post walls people q a's companies also there is like a job section uh and then there are notifications then there their careers like your own profile and yeah so that's the idea basically um then there are some live events some posts polls you can see here you can search explore both so for example privacy law both for privacy laws for job reference account management addictions new york city career period so you can join that and you can see there are a lot of people here like 64 000 members 25 000 23 so yeah it's not like on facebook that some groups can have obviously like millions and millions it's not that rich but it's very kind of like a focused group of professionals so you can just go to your profile bottom right and just discard all the balls you join and see some suggestions you can also invite people if you just tap in top left here to invite them then there are settings um you can enable dark mode if you like dark mode something like that you can invite people um then there is your account then you can delete your account uh if you want to so that's pretty cool because maybe you know you are concerned about your data and privacy if you need to update your account email phone number company industry you don't need to delete your account just contact support account deletion will be processed and finalized and search today sos you can cancel the fishbowl account if it was accidentally importantly deleted by logging back into the application before then so that's the idea then there is privacy [Music] then there is legal push notification settings contact preferences sounds bad settings um so yeah that's the idea that's how it works that's the app so interesting app and then you can invite people you can go to your feed you can see some messages um you can see some archived messages and all of that and yep so that's basically the idea of it and that's that's how it works that's the app so definitely give it a try definitely check it out and yeah hope it can be helpful in your career and professional grows

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